Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 202 -
7.2.7 Automatically Presetting the Workpiece Coordinate System
This function automatically presets the workpiece coordinate system to
the position where machine lock is applied, after the machine is
operated with machine lock set on and machine lock is released. This
means that when this function is used, the current workpiece coordinate
system can be restored to the original system, which has the specified
offset from the machine zero point. This function is useful in
machining after performing a test run with machine lock set ”1”.
This function is automatically activated when the following conditions
are satisfied:
1. ACP, bit 7 of parameter No.1200, is set ”1”. (This setting enables
this function.)
2. Automatic operation (MDI, memory, or tape) was performed with
the all-axis machine lock signal turned ”1” (the each-axis machine
lock signals are ignored).
3. When the system is reset (the STP, SPL, and OP signals are
all ”0”) after operation, the machine lock signal is ”0” or
turned ”0”.

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