Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 205 -
Select the planes for circular interpolation, cutter compensation, and
drilling by G-code. The following table lists G-codes and the planes
selected by them.
Table7.4 Plane selected by G code
G code Selected plane Xp Yp Zp
G17 Xp Yp plane
G18 Zp Xp plane
G19 Yp Zp plane
X-axis or an
axis parallel to
Y-axis or an
axis parallel to
Z-axis or an
axis parallel to
Xp, Yp, Zp are determined by the axis address appeared in the block in
which G17, G18 or G19 is commanded. When an axis address is
omitted in G17, G18 or G19 block, it is assumed that the addresses of
basic three axes are omitted. Parameter No. 1022 is used to specify that
an optional axis be parallel to the each axis of the X, Y-, and Z-axes as
the basic three axes.
The plane is unchanged in the block in which G17, G18 or G19 is not
When the power is turned on or the CNC is reset, G17 (XY plane)or
G18 (ZX plane) is selected by bits 5 (G18) of parameter 2401.
The movement instruction is irrelevant to the plane selection.
Plane selection when the X-axis is parallel with the U-axis.
G17X_Y_; XY plane,
G17U_Y_; UY plane
G18X_Z_ ; ZX plane
X_Y_; Plane is unchanged (ZX plane)
G17 ; XY plane
G18 ; ZX plane
G17U_ ; UY plane
G18Y_ ; ZX plane, Y axis moves regardless without any
relation to the plane.

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