Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 210 -
1 Plane conversion can be performed only for
commands for the X-, Y-, or Z-axis.
2 Plane conversion cannot be performed for manual
3 Plane conversion cannot be performed for the
following commands for moving the tool to a specified
position, commands related to the machine
coordinate system, and commands for setting a
coordinate system:
(1) Automatic reference position return (G28 and
(2) Floating reference position return (G30.1)
(3) Return from the reference position (G29)
(4) Selecting the machine coordinate system (G53)
(5) Stored stroke limit (G22)
(6) Setting the coordinate system (G54 to G59 and
(7) Presetting the workpiece coordinate system
(8) Setting the offset (G10)
Setting bit 0 of parameter No. 2407 performs plane
conversion for a G92 or G92.1
command.(Fig.7.5(a) ATable 7.5(a))
4 The current position display on the CRT shows the
coordinates after plane conversion. (Table 7.5(b))
5 Plane conversion cannot be performed together with
the axis switching function.
6 Specify plane conversion commands after canceling
the following modes.
(1) Cutter compensation
(2) Tool length compensation
(3) Canned cycle
(4) Three-dimensional coordinate conversion
(5) Coordinate rotation
(6) Scaling
(7) Programmable mirror image
7 Plane conversion cannot be performed for the
following commands which control a rotation axis
together with the X-, Y-, or Z-axis:
(1) Polar coordinate interpolation
(2) Cylindrical interpolation
(3) Control in normal directions
(4) Exponential interpolation
(5) Circular threading B
8 If a G17, G18, or G19 command is executed during
plane conversion, the conversion is disabled and the
plane specified by the command is selected.

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