Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 233 -
9.3.2 Orientation
Orientation must be performed before:
- the spindle is positioned (indexed) for the first time after the
spindle is used in normal machining.
- the positioning of the spindle is suspended.
Orientation can be executed by specifying an M code set in parameter
No. 5680.
Upon the completion of orientation, the point at which orientation is
completed is regarded as the program origin of the spindle. The
coordinates along the coordinate axes are regarded as being 0.
When reference position return is not required at orientation (for
example, when only incremental indexing from the current position is
to be performed when no start position is specified), reference position
return at orientation can be omitted by setting bit 0 (ZRN) of parameter
No. 1005.
This means that, when the M code for orientation is specified, only
spindle control mode switching is performed, after which the operation
terminates; reference position return is not performed. In this case, the
pitch error compensation function is disabled. In addition,the reference
position return completion signal is not set to 1.
- Rotation direction
The rotation direction of the spindle at orientation is set using the
following parameters:
1. For an analog spindle
Bit 0 (OMI) of parameter No. 5808 is used for setting.
2. For a serial spindle
Bit 4 (SVO) of parameter No. 3000 is used for setting.
- Operation and feedrate
1. For an analog spindle
When orientation is specified, movement starts at the rapid
traverse rate set in parameter No. 5977. Then, upon the detection
of the one-rotation signal from the position coder, the feedrate is
automatically reduced to the FL feedrate set in parameter No.
5979 to perform reference position return.
2. For a serial spindle
The orientation feedrate depends on the spindle. For an analog
spindle, the rapid traverse rate is reduced to an FL feedrate to stop
at the orientation position. With a serial spindle, however, the
command immediately stops the spindle at the orientation
- Grid shift
The grid shift function is used to shift the orientation stop position.
1. For an analog spindle
Parameter No. 5980 is used for setting.
2. For a serial spindle
Parameter No. 3073 is used for setting.

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