Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 237 -
Command address Parameter number
Q 5701
R 5702
I 5721
P 5722
If any of the P, Q, R, and I command addresses is omitted, spindle
speed fluctuation detection is performed with the value set in the
corresponding parameter (No. 5071, 5702, 5721, or 5722).
- Disabling spindle speed fluctuation detection
G25 places the system in spindle speed fluctuation detection disabled
Specifying G25 does not change the settings of parameters Nos. 5071,
5702, 5721, and 5722.
If G26 (bit 4 of parameter No. 2409) is "0," the system enters spindle
speed fluctuation detection disabled mode (G25) when the power is
turned on or a reset is performed.
- Method for detecting spindle speed fluctuation
If a difference between the actual spindle speed and the specified
spindle speed becomes larger than the allowable fluctuation width
specified in the address R and I commands in a G26 command block or
parameter Nos. 5702 and 5721 (if the following two conditions are
satisfied), an alarm is issued to indicate that the fluctuation has become
higher than a permissible level.
(1) |Sc - Sa|>=Sr
(2) |Sc - Sa|>=Si
Sc: Specified spindle speed
Sa: Actual spindle speed
Sr: Spindle speed fluctuation range calculated from spindle speed
fluctuation ratio (address R command in a G26 block or
parameter No. 5702)
If parameter FLR (bit 1 of parameter No. 5808) is 0
Sr = Sc * r / 100
If parameter FLR (bit 1 of parameter No. 5808) is 1
Sr = Sc * r / 1000
Si: Permissible range of fluctuation that does not cause a spindle speed
fluctuation detection alarm to be output (address I command in a
G26 block or parameter (No. 5721) setting)

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