Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

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10.2.4 Tool Service Life Count and Tool Selection
A count-based or time-based tool service life count system is selected
using bit 3 (LTM) of parameter No. 7400. Service life counting is
performed group by group. Service life count data is not lost when the
power is turned off.
Table 10.2.4 Tool Life Count System and Life Count Interval
Tool life count
Count specification Time specification
Bit 3 (LTM) of
parameter No. 7400
Life count interval
Incremented by 1 for a tool
used in a program.
Recounting is made
possible with the M code for
tool life count restart M
code(parameter No. 7442).
Bit 0 (FCO) of parameter
No. 7403
0:At intervals of 1 second
1:At intervals of 0.1 second
These intervals can be
- Count specification (LTM = 0)
When a tool group command (T code) is specified, a tool whose service
life has not expired is selected from the group. Then, the service life
count for the selected tool is incremented by 1 with the tool change
command (M06). Unless the tool service life count restart M code is
used, however, the selection and count-up of a new tool are allowed
using only the first tool group number command and tool change
command after the control unit state is changed from the reset state to
the automatic operation start state.
Even if the same tool group number is specified
repeatedly in a program, the use count is not
incremented, and a new tool is not selected.

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