Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 263 -
- Program components
A program consists of the following components:
Table12 Program components
Components Descriptions
File start Symbol indicating the start of a program file
Leader section Used for the title of a program file, etc.
Program start Symbol indicating the start of a program
Program section Commands for machining
Comment section Comments or directions for the operator
Tape end Symbol indicating the end of a program file
Fig.12 (b) Program configuration
- Program section configuration
A program section consists of several blocks. A program section starts
with a program number and ends with a program end code.
Program section configuration Program section
Program number O0001 ;
Block 1 N1 G91 G00 X120.0 Y80.0 ;
Block 2 N2 G43 Z-32.0 H01 ;
: :
Block n Nn Z0 ;
Program end M30 ;
A block contains information necessary for machining, such as a move
command or coolant on/off command.
Specifying a slash (/) at the start of a block disables the execution of
some blocks (see "optional block skip" in II-12.1).
File start
O0001 ;
M30 ;
Program section
Leader section
Program start
Comment section
Tape end

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