Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 265 -
be placed. Sequence numbers can be specified in a random order, and
any numbers can be skipped. Sequence numbers may be specified for
all blocks or only for desired blocks of the program. In general,
however, it is convenient to assign sequence numbers in ascending
order in phase with the machining steps (for example, when a new tool
is used by tool replacement, and machining proceeds to a new surface
with table indexing.)
N300×200.0 Z300.0 ; A sequence number is underlined.
Fig.12.1 (b) Sequence number and block (example)
- TV check (Vertical parity check along tape)
A parity check is made for a block on input tape vertically. If the
number of characters in one block (starting with the code immediately
after an EOB and ending with the next EOB) is odd, an P/S alarm
(No.0591) is output. No TV check is made only for those parts that are
skipped by the label skip function. Bit 1 (CTV) of parameter No. 0000
is used to specify whether comments enclosed in parentheses are
counted as characters during TV check. The TV check function can be
enabled or disabled by setting on the MDI unit (See Operation II-
- Block configuration(word and address)
A block consists of one or more words.
A word consists of an address followed by a number some digits long.
(The plus sign (+) or minus sign (-) may be prefixed to a number.)
For an address, one of the letters (A to Z) is used ; an address defines
the meaning of a number that follows the address.
Word = Address + number (Example : X-1000)
Table 12.2 (b) indicates the usable addresses and their meanings.
The same address may have different meanings, depending on the
preparatory function specification.
Table12.1 (b) Major functions and addresses
Function Address Meaning
Program number O* Program number
Sequence number N Sequence number
Preparatory function G
Specifies a motion mode (linear,
arc, etc.)
X,Y,Z,U,V,W,A,B,C Coordinate axis move command
I,J,K Coordinate of the arc centerDimension word
R Arc radius
N0 must not be used for the reason of file
compatibility with other CNC systems. Program
number 0 cannot be used. So 0 must not be used for
a sequence number regarded as a program number.

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