Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 7 -
1 The function of an CNC machine tool system
depends not only on the CNC, but on the
combination of the machine tool, its magnetic
cabinet, the servo system, the CNC, the operator’s
panels, etc. It is too difficult to describe the function,
programming, and operation relating to all
This manual generally describes these from the
stand-point of the CNC. So, for details on a particular
CNC machine tool, refer to the manual issued by the
machine tool builder, which should take precedence
over this manual.
2 Headings are placed in the left margin so that the
reader can easily access necessary information.
When locating the necessary information, the reader
can save time by searching though these headings.
3 Machining programs, parameters, variables, etc. are
stored in the CNC unit internal non-volatile memory.
In general, these contents are not lost by the
switching ON/OFF of the power. However, it is
possible that a state can occur where precious data
stored in the non-volatile memory has to be deleted,
because of deletions from a maloperation, or by a
failure restoration.
In order to restore rapidly when this kind of mishap
occurs, it is recommended that you create a copy of
the various kinds of data beforehand.
4 This manual describes as many reasonable
variations in equipment usage as possible. It cannot
address every combination of features, options and
commands that should not be attempted.
If a particular combination of operations is not
described, it should not be attempted.

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