Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 269 -
1 Position of a slash
A slash (/) must be specified at the head of a block. If
a slash is placed elsewhere, the information from the
slash to immediately before the EOB code is ignored.
2 Disabling an optional block skip switch
Optional block skip operation is processed when
blocks are read from memory or tape into a buffer.
Even if a switch is set to on after blocks are read into
a buffer, the blocks already read are not ignored.
TV and TH check
When an optional block skip switch is on. TH and TV
checks are made for the skipped portions in the same
way as when the optional block skip switch is off.
- Program end
The end of a program is indicated by programming one of the following
codes at the end of the program:
Table12.1 (a) Code of a program end
Code Meaning usage
For main program
M99 For subprogram
If one of the program end codes is executed in program execution, the
CNC terminates the execution of the program, and the reset state is set.
When the subprogram end code is executed, control returns to the
program that called the subprogram.
A block containing an optional block skip code such as
/M02 ; , /M30 ; , or /M99 ; is not regarded as the end of
a program, if the optional block skip switch on the
machine operator’s panel is set to on.(See "Optional
block skip".)

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