Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 277 -
- File end
A tape end is to be placed at the end of a file containing NC programs.
If programs are entered using the automatic programming system, the
mark need not be entered.
The mark is not displayed on the screen. However, when a file is output,
the mark is automatically output at the end of the file. If an attempt is
made to execute % when M02 or M03 is not placed at the end of the
program, the alarm (SR 0592) is occurred.
Table12.4 (d) Code of a file end
Name ISO code EIA code
Notation in this
File end % ER
If a long comment section appears in the middle of a
program section, a move along an axis may be
suspended for a long time because of such a
comment section. So a comment section should be
placed where movement suspension may occur or no
movement is involved.
1 If only a control-in code is read with no matching
control-out code, the read control-in code is ignored.
2 The EOB code cannot be used in a comment.

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