Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 282 -
A canned cycle consists of a sequence of six operations (Fig. 13.1 (a))
Operation 1 ..... Positioning of axes X and Y
(including also another axis)
Operation 2 ..... Rapid traverse up to point R level
Operation 3 ..... Hole machining
Operation 4 ..... Operation at the bottom of a hole
Operation 5...... Retraction to point R level
Operation 6...... Rapid traverse up to the initial point
Operation 1
Operation 2
Point R level
Initial level
Operation 6
Operation 5
Operation 3
Operation 4
Rapid traverse
Fig.13.1 (a) Canned cycle operation sequence
- Canned cycle I
An independent output signal is used for each of reverse spindle
rotation and spindle stop.
When bit 0 (FXB) of parameter No. 6201 is set to 0, canned cycle I is
- Canned cycle II
M codes are used as output signals for reverse spindle rotation, spindle
stop, and spindle orientation.
When bit 0 (FXB) of parameter No. 6201 is set to 1, canned cycle II is
- Positioning plane
The positioning plane is determined by plane selection code G17, G18,
or G19.
The positioning axis is an axis other than the drilling axis.

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