Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 311 -
G18 (ZpXp plane): To be specified by K and I
G19 (YpZp plane): To be specified by J and K
When the XY plane is selected, for example, a shift is made along the
X-axis and Y-axis by linear interpolation for an incremental amount
specified by I and J. This means that a shift can be made in an arbitrary
direction on a positioning plane. The feedrate specified by F is used. I,
J, and K data is modal in a canned cycle. Specify I, J, and K in a block
that specifies hole position data.
- Shift specification using Q_
When bit 2 (SIJ) of parameter No. 6200 is set to 0, a shift is specified
using Q_. A Q value must always be positive. If a negative value is
specified, the sign is ignored. With parameter No. 6240, a shift
direction must be selected from +X, -X, +Y, and -Y.
Q (shift amount at a hole bottom) is modal information
in a canned cycle, and is also used as a depth of cut
for G73 and G83.
- Axis switching
Before the drilling axis can be changed, the canned cycle must be
- Boring
In a block that does not contain X, Y, Z, R, or any additional axes,
boring is not performed.
- I,J,K,Q,R
Specify I, J, K, Q, and R in a block that performs hole machining. If
any of these codes are specified in a block that does not perform hole
machining, the codes are not stored as modal data.
- Cancel
Do not specify a G code of the 01 group (G00 to G03 or etc.) and G87
in a single block. Otherwise, G87 will be canceled.
- Tool offset
In the canned cycle mode, tool offsets are ignored.

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