Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 313 -
13.1.11 Boring Cycle (G88)
This cycle is used to bore a hole.
G88(G98) G88(G99)
G88 X_ Y_ Z_ R_ P_ F_ L_ ;
X_ Y_ : Hole position data
Z_ : The distance from point R to the bottom of the hole
R_ : The distance from the initial level to point R level
P_ : Dwell time at the bottom of a hole
F_ : Cutting feed rate
L_ : Number of repeats (if required)
Point R
Spindle CW
Point Z
Spindle stop
after dwell
Point R
Point Z
Spindle stop
after dwell
Spindle CW
Initial level
Point R level
- Operation
After the tool is positioned along the X-axis and Y-axis, the tool is
moved by rapid traverse to the R point level.
Then, boring is performed from the R point level to point Z.
Next, dwell is performed at the hole bottom, then the spindle stops and
is placed in the hold state. At this time, the mode can be switched to
manual mode to move the tool manually. Any manual operation can be
performed. For safety, however, the tool should ultimately be pulled
out of the hole.
When restarting machining, use either tape mode or memory mode.
Then, the tool returns to the initial level or R point level according to
G98 or G99, then the spindle rotates in the forward direction. Next,
operation is restarted according to the program command in the next
- Spindle rotation
Before specifying G88, use a miscellaneous function (M code) to rotate
the spindle.

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