Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 315 -
13.1.12 Boring Cycle (G89)
This cycle is used to bore a hole.
Point R level
G89(G98) G89(G99)
G89 X_ Y_ Z_ R_ P_ F_ L_ ;
X_ Y_: Hole position data
Z_ : The distance from point R to the bottom of the hole
R_ : The distance from the initial level to point R level
P_ : Dwell time at the bottom of a hole
F_ : Cutting feed rate
L_ : Number of repeats (if required)
Initial level
Point R
Point Z
Point Z
Point R
- Operation
This cycle is almost the same as G85. The difference is that this cycle
performs a dwell at the bottom of the hole.
- Spindle rotation
Before specifying G89, use a miscellaneous function (M code) to rotate
the spindle.
- Miscellaneous function
When the G89 command and an M code are specified in the same block,
the M code is executed at the time of the first positioning operation.
When L is used to specify the number of repeats, the M code is
executed for the first hole only; for the second and subsequent holes,
the M code is not executed.
- Tool length compensation
When a tool length offset (G43, G44, or G49) is specified in the canned
cycle, the offset is applied at the time of positioning to point R.

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