Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 328 -
one-rotation signal from the position coder, the feedrate is
automatically reduced to the FL feedrate set in parameter No. 5979
to perform reference position return.
2. For a serial spindle
The orientation feedrate depends on the spindle. With an analog
spindle, the rapid traverse rate is reduced to an FL feedrate to stop at
the orientation position. With a serial spindle, however, executing
this command immediately stops the spindle at the orientation
- Grid shift
The grid shift function is used to shift the orientation stop position.
1. For an analog spindle
Parameter No. 5980 is used for setting.
2. For a serial spindle
Parameter No. 3073 is used for setting.
The limitations imposed on the rigid tapping cycle and reverse rigid
tapping cycle apply.
- Number of commands
The orientation command is valid only if it is specified in the first block
in rigid tapping mode. All orientation commands specified in the
second and subsequent blocks in rigid tapping mode are ignored.
Feedrate along the Z-axis: 1000 mm/min
Spindle speed: 1000 min
Screw lead: 1.0 mm
Positive-direction orientation
G94 ; Command for feed per minute
G00 X120.0 Y100.0 ; Positioning
G84.2 Z-100.0 R-20.0 F1000 S1000 I0 ; Rigid tapping
1 The orientation function can be used only when the
number of position coder pulses is 4096, and the
ratio of the number of spindle gears to the number of
position coder gears is:
1 :2
(n : integer (0 or more))
2 When a serial interface spindle is used, the
orientation direction is determined by the setting of bit
4 (SVO) of parameter No. 3000, regardless of the
sign of I.

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