Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 343 -
- Indexing direction
If a value other than 0 is set in the M code for specifying negative
direction rotation (parameter No.7632), movement in the negative
direction is made only when a move command is specified together
with the M code. In this case, movement is performed in the negative
direction, regardless of whether absolute/incremental programming is
If 0 is set in the M code for specifying negative direction rotation
(parameter No.7632), the rotation direction in G90 mode is determined
by bit 4 (INC) of parameter No. 7602, as described below.
The rotation direction in G90 mode is
0: Not shortcut direction
1: Shortcut direction (The amount of movement is always less
than 180 degrees.)
For information about which is used, refer to the manual provided by
the machine tool builder.
- Minimum indexing angle
The minimum index table indexing angle set in parameter No. 7682 is
used. An integral multiple of a set value can be specified as an
indexing angle. If a value other than an integral multiple is specified,
an alarm (PS0561) is issued.
- Feedrate
The table is always rotated around the indexing axis in rapid traverse
Dry run cannot be executed for the indexing axis.
- Index table clamping/unclamping
Before or after index table indexing axis movement, the index table is
automatically clamped or unclamped.
- Reset
If a reset is performed in the clamp or unclamp completion wait state,
the clamp or unclamp signal is cleared, and the CNC exits from the
completion wait state.
- Index table indexing function and other functions
Item Explanation
Relative position display This value can be rounded by setting bit 2 (REL) of parameter No. 7602.
Absolute position display This value is rounded at all times.
Automatic return from the reference
position (G29)
Second reference position return (G30)
Return is impossible.
Machine coordinate system selection
No movement is allowed.
Single direction positioning (G60) Not specifiable
Second auxiliary function Ensure that a second auxiliary function axis name does not duplicate an
indexing axis name.

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