Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 345 -
13.7 FIGURE COPY (G72.1,G72.2)
Machining can be repeated after moving or rotating the figure using a
- Rotational copy
Xp-Yp plane (specified by G17) : G72.1 P_ L_ Xp_ Yp_ R_ ;
Zp-Xp plane (specified by G18) : G72.1 P_ L_ Zp_ Xp_ R_ ;
Yp-Zp plane (specified by G19) : G72.1 P_ L_ Yp_ Zp_ R ;_
P : Subprogram number
L : Number of times the operation is repeated
Xp: Center of rotation on the Xp axis (Xp : X-axis or an
axis parallel to the X-axis)
Yp: Center of rotation on the Yp axis (Yp: Y-axis or an
axis parallel to the Y-axis)
Zp: Center of rotation on the Zp axis (Zp: Z-axis or an
axis parallel to the Z-axis)
R : Angular displacement (A positive value indicates a
counterclockwise angular displacement. Specify an
incremental value.)
Specify a plane selection command (G17, G18, or G19)
to select the plane on which the rotational copy is made.
1 In the G72.1 block, addresses other than P, L, Xp,
Yp, Zp, and R are ignored.
2 P, Xp, Yp, Zp, and R must always be specified.
2 If L is not specified, the figure is copied once.
3 The coordinate of the center of rotation is handled as
an absolute value even if it is specified in the
incremental mode.
4 Specify an increment in the angular displacement at
address R. The angular displacement (degree) for
the Nth figure is calculated as follows: Rx(N-1).

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