Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 346 -
- Linear copy
Xp-Yp plane (specified by G17) : G72.2 P_ L_ I_ J_ ;
Zp-Xp plane (specified by G18) : G72.2 P_ L_ K_ I_ ;
Yp-Zp plane (specified by G19) : G72.2 P_ L_ J_ K_;
P : Subprogram number
L : Number of times the operation is repeated
I : Shift along the Xp axis
J : Shift along the Yp axis
K : Shift along the Zp axis
Specify a plane selection command (G17, G18, or G19)
to select the plane on which the linear copy is made.
1 In the G72.2 block, addresses other than P, L, I, J,
and K are ignored.
2 P, I, J, and K must always be specified.
2 If L is not specified, the figure is copied once.
3 For shifts (I, J, and K), specify increments. The n-th
geometric shift is equal to the specified shift times (n -
- First block of the subprogram
Always specify a move command in the first block of a subprogram
that performs a rotational or linear copy. If the first block contains only
the program number such as O00001234; and does not have a move
command, movement may stop at the start point of the figure made by
the n-th (n = 1, 2, 3, ...) copying.
Example of an incorrect program j
O00001234 ;
G00 G90 X100.0 Y200.0 ;
- - - - ;
- - - - ;
M99 ;
Example of a correct program j
O00001000 G00 G90 X100.0 Y200.0 ;
- - - - ;
- - - - ;
M99 ;
- Subprogram calling
In a subprogram for rotational or linear copying, M98 for calling
another subprogram or G65 for calling a macro can be specified.
- Nesting level of a subprogram
If a subprogram is called by G72.1 or G72.2, the nesting level is
increased by one in the same manner as when M98 is specified.

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