Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 348 -
- Specifying two or more commands to copy a figure
G72.1 cannot be specified more than once in a subprogram for making
a rotational copy (If this is attempted, alarm PS0900 will occur). G72.2
cannot be specified more than once in a subprogram for making a linear
copy (If this is attempted, alarm PS0901 will occur).
In a subprogram that specifies rotational copy, however, linear copy
can be specified. Similarly, in a subprogram that specifies linear copy,
rotational copy can be specified.
- Commands that must not be specified
Within a program that performs a rotational or linear copy, the
following must not be specified:
- Command for changing the selected plane (G17 to G19)
- Command for specifying polar coordinates (G16)
- Reference position return command(G28)
- Axis switching
- Coordinate system rotation (G68)
- scaling (G51)
- programmable mirror image (G51.1)
The command for rotational or linear copying can be specified after a
command for coordinate system rotation, scaling, or programmable
mirror image is executed.
- Single block
Single-block stops are not performed in a block with G721.1 or G72.2.

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