Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 356 -
- C axis feedrate
Movement of the tool inserted at the beginning of each block is
executed at the feedrate set in parameter 1472. If dry run mode is on at
that time, the dry run feedrate is applied. If the tool is to be moved
along the X-and Y-axes in rapid traverse (G00) mode, the rapid traverse
feedrate is applied.
The federate of the C axis during circular interpolation is defined by the
following formula.
Amount of movement of the C axis (deg)
Length of arc (mm or inch)
F : Federate (mm/min or inch/min) specified by the corresponding
block of the arc
Amount of movement of the C axis :
The difference in angles at the beginning and the end of the block.
1 If the federate of the C axis exceeds the maximum
cutting speed of the C axis specified to parameter No.
1422, the federate of each of the other axes is
clamped to keep the federate of the C axis below the
maximum cutting speed of the C axis.
2 Do not specify any command to the C axis during
normal direction control. Any command specified at
this time is ignored.
3 Before machining is started, a match between the
workpiece coordinate on the C-axis and the actual
position on the C-axis of the machine must be
ensured using the origin key or coordinate system
setting (G92).
4 In normal direction control mode, helical interpolation
involving two linear axes cannot be specified; helical
interpolation involving only one linear axis can be
5 Normal direction control cannot be performed by the
G53 move command.
6 The C-axis must be a rotation axis.
7 If a parameter related to normal direction control
contains an error, a PS alarm (No. 0470) is issued.
8 The above expression, used for calculating a C-axis
speed when a circular command is specified,
assumes that bit 0 (HTG) of parameter No. 1401 is
set to 0 (for specifying a circular tangent speed for
helical interpolation speed specification).

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