Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 362 -
- Indication of remaining amounts of travel
By setting bit 5 (D3D) of parameter No. 2208, the user can choose
whether a remaining amount of travel in three-dimensional coordinate
conversion mode is indicated in the program coordinate system or
workpiece coordinate system.
- G codes that can be specified
The following G codes can be specified in the three-dimensional
coordinate conversion mode:
G00 Positioning
G01 Linear interpolation
G02 Circular interpolation (clockwise)
G03 Circular interpolation (counterclockwise)
G04 Dwell
G10 Data setting
(However, commands such as G10L2 for rewriting
coordinate system data cannot be specified.)
G17 Plane selection (XY)
G18 Plane selection (ZX)
G19 Plane selection (YZ)
G28 Reference position return
G29 Return from the reference position
G30 Return to the second, third, or fourth reference position
G40 Canceling cutter compensation
G41 Cutter compensation to the left
G42 Cutter compensation to the right
G43 Increasing tool length compensation
G43.1 Tool length compensation in tool axis direction
G44 Decreasing tool length compensation
G45 Increasing the tool offset
G46 Decreasing the tool offset
G47 Doubling the tool offset
G48 Halving the tool offset
G49 Canceling tool length compensation
G50.1 Canceling programmable mirror image
G51.1 Programmable mirror image
G53 Selecting the machine coordinate system
G65 Custom macro calling
G66 Continuous-state custom macro calling
G67 Canceling continuous-state custom macro calling
G73 Canned cycle (peck drilling cycle)
G74 Canned cycle (reverse tapping cycle)
G76 Canned cycle (fine boring cycle)
G80 Canceling a canned cycle
G81 to G89 Canned cycle
G90 Absolute mode
G91 Incremental mode
G94 Feed per minute
G95 Feed per rotation
G98 Canned cycle (return to the initial level)
G99 Canned cycle (return to the level of point R)

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