Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 379 -
- Start up(Tool compensation start)
- Cutter compensation
(offset mode cancel)
- Selection of the
offset plane
- Offset cancel mode
At the beginning when power is applied the control is in the cancel
mode. In the cancel mode, the vector is always 0, and the tool center
path coincides with the programmed path.
- Start Up
When a cutter compensation command (G41 or G42, nonzero
dimension words in the offset plane, and D code other than D0) is
specified in the offset cancel mode, the CNC enters the offset mode.
Moving the tool with this command is called start-up.
Specify positioning (G00) or linear interpolation (G01) for start-up. If
circular interpolation (G02, G03) is specified, alarm PS0270 occurs.
When reading a start-up block and subsequent blocks, the CNC first
reads the number of blocks specified in parameter No. 6009.
- Offset mode
In the offset mode, compensation is accomplished by positioning (G00),
linear interpolation (G01), or circular interpolation (G02, G03). If two
or more blocks that do not move the tool (miscellaneous function,
dwell, etc.) are processed in the offset mode, the tool will make either
an excessive or insufficient cut. If the offset plane is switched in the
offset mode, alarm PS0271 occurs and the tool is stopped.
G00 (or G01) G41 (or G42) IP_ D_ ;
G41 : Cutter compensation left (Group07)
G42 : Cutter compensation right (Group07)
IP_ : Command for axis movement
D_ : Code for specifying as the cutter compensation
value(1-3digits) (D code)
G40 IP_ ;
G40 : Cutter compensation cancel(Group 07)
(Offset mode cancel)
IP_ : Command for axis movement
Offset plane
Command for
plane selection
XpYp G17 ; Xp_Yp_
ZpXp G18 ; Xp_Zp_
YpZp G19 ; Yp_Zp_

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