Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 381 -
- Positive/negative cutter compensation value and tool center path
If the offset amount is negative (-), distribution is made for a figure in
which G41’s and G42’s are all replaced with each other on the program.
Consequently, if the tool center is passing around the outside of the The
figure below shows one example. Generally, the offset amount is
programmed to be positive (+).
See Fig.14.3 (d).
When a tool path is programmed as in (1), if the offset amount is made
negative (-), the tool center moves as in (2), and vice versa.
Consequently, the same tape permits cutting both male and female
shapes, and any gap between them can be adjusted by the selection of
the offset amount.
Applicable if start-up and cancel is A type.
(See “tart of cutter compensation (start-up) in the Subsec. II-14.4.1.)
- Setting the cutter compensation value
Fig.14.3 (d) Tool Center Paths when Positive and Negative Cutter
Compensation Values are Specified
Assign a cutter compensation values to the D codes on the MDI panel.
- Offset vector
The offset vector is the two dimensional vector that is equal to the
cutter compensation value assigned by D code. It is calculated inside
the control unit, and its direction is up-dated in accordance with the
progress of the tool in each block.
The offset vector is deleted by reset.
Tool center path
Programmed path
The cutter compensation value corresponding to
offset No. 0, that is, D0 always means 0. It is
impossible to set D0 to any other offset amount.

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