Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 382 -
- Specifying a cutter compensation value
Specify a cutter compensation value with a number assigned to it. The
number consists of 1 to 3 digits after address D (D code). The D code is
valid until another D code is specified. The D code is used to specify
the tool offset value as well as the cutter compensation value.
- Plane selection and vector
Offset calculation is carried out in the plane determined by G17, G18
and G19, (G codes for plane selection). This plane is called the offset
Compensation is not executed for the coordinate of a position which is
not in the specified plane. The programmed values are used as they are
In simultaneous 3 axes control, the tool path projected on the offset
plane is compensated.
The offset plane is changed during the offset cancel mode. If it is
performed during the offset mode, a alarm (PS0271) is displayed and
the machine is stopped.

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