Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 387 -
the tool cannot be positioned to the end point, but is instead moved
away from the end point by the compensation vector.
- Start of cutter compensation (start-up)
If a block satisfying all the conditions listed below is executed in cancel
mode, the machine is placed in cutter compensation mode. This
operation is referred to as start-up.
(1) G41 or G42 is specified. Alternatively, G41 or G42 has already
been specified, and G41 or G42 mode has already been set.
(2) 0 < cutter compensation number maximum compensation
(3) Positioning (G00) or linear interpolation (G01) mode is set.
(4) A command specifying a non-zero amount of travel is specified
for an axis on the compensation plane. (This applies to types
other than start-up type C.)
If start-up is specified in a mode such as the circular interpolation (G02
or G03) mode, an alarm (PS0270) is issued.
As indicated below, three types of start-up operations are supported:
type A, type B, and type C. The user can choose from these three types
by setting bit 0 (CSU) of parameter No. 6001 and bit 7 (CSC) of
parameter No. 6003. However, these three types produce no difference
when the tool moves around an inner corner.
Fig.14.4.1 (a) Start-up/Cancel Operation
CSC CSU Type Operation
0 0 Type A
A compensation vector perpendicular to the block after start-up or
perpendicular to the block before cancellation is output.
0 1 Type B
A compensation vector perpendicular to the start-up block or
cancellation block, and an intersection vector are output.
1 0 Type C
When the start-up block or cancellation block specifies no movement,
the tool is shifted by the cutter compensation value in the direction
Tool center path
Programmed path
Tool center path
Tool center path
Programmed path

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