Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 388 -
CSC CSU Type Operation
perpendicular to the block after start-up or perpendicular to the block
before cancellation.
When the start-up block or cancellation block specifies movement,
type A is selected if CSU is set to 0; type B is selected if CSU is set to
- Reading of input commands after the start of cutter compensation
After the start of cutter compensation, three blocks are read by default
until a cancellation command is specified, regardless of whether the
blocks specify movement; when parameter No. 6009 is set, up to eight
input command blocks are read instead of the three blocks to be read by
default. Thus, an intersection calculation and interference check
described later are made.
To perform an intersection calculation, at least two blocks specifying
movement need to be read. To make an interference check, at least
three blocks specifying movement need to be read.
As more blocks are read by setting parameter No. 6009, an overcutting
(interference) forecast can be made for more forward commands. In
this case, however, more time is required for reading and analysis
because more blocks need to be read and analyzed.
- Cancellation of cutter compensation
Cutter compensation mode is cancelled when a block that satisfies any
of the following conditions is executed:
(1) G40 is specified.
(2) D00 is specified as a cutter compensation number.
The circular commands (G02, G03) must not be used when cutter
compensation is to be cancelled. Otherwise, an alarm (PS270) is issued.
As with start-up, three types of cancellation operations are supported:
type A, type B, and type C. The user can select any of these three types
by setting bit 0 (CSU) of parameter No. 6001 and bit 7 (CSC) of
parameter No. 6003. However, these three types produce no difference
when the tool moves around an inner corner.
- Symbols used in the figures
The symbols used in the figures of Section II-14.4.2 and later have the
following meanings:
- S represents a point where single block operation is performed

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