Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 397 -
14.4.3 Tool Movement in the Offset Mode
In offset mode, compensation is carried out for positioning commands
as well as for linear and circular interpolation commands. To perform
intersection calculation, it is necessary to read at least two blocks that
involve tool movement. If more than one block that specifies tool
movement cannot be read because of blocks not involving tool
movement (such as independently specified auxiliary functions and
dwell) being specified continuously, intersection calculation is
disabled, resulting in either overcutting or insufficient cutting.
Assuming that N and M are the number of blocks that are read in offset
mode (determined by parameter No. 6009) and the number of blocks
(among the N blocks) not specifying tool movement, respectively, the
condition for enabling intersection calculation is (N-2) M. If the
maximum number of blocks that are read in offset mode is five, for
example, intersection calculation is possible even when up to three
blocks do not specify tool movement.
If a G or M code, in which buffering is suppressed, is specified in a
block, it is impossible to pre-read any command before the block with
the G or M code is executed, regardless of the setting of parameter 6009.
In this case, therefore, note that overcutting or insufficient cutting may
occur because of intersection calculation being impossible.
The requirement for interference check (described
later) is not the same as the above condition. See
Section 14.6.5, "Interference check" for details.

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