Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 428 -
- Starting compensation and cutting along the Z-axis
It is usually used such a method that the tool is moved along the Z axis
after the cutter compensation is effected at some distance from the
workpiece at the start of the machining.
In the case above, if it is desired to divide the motion along the Z axis
rapid traverse and cutting feed, follow the procedure below.
In the program example above, when executing block N1, blocks N3
and N6 are also entered into the buffer storage, and by the relationship
among them the correct compensation is performed as in the figure
Then, if the block N3 (move command in Z axis) is divided as follows:
As there are two move command blocks not included in the selected
plane and the block N6 cannot be entered into the buffer storage, the
tool center path is calculated by the information of N1 in the figure
above. That is, the offset vector is not calculated in start-up and the
overcutting may result.
The above example should be modified as follows:
N1 G91 G00 G41 X500.0 Y500.0 D1 ;
N3 G01 Z-300.0 F100 ;
N6 Y1000.0 F200 ;
N3 : Move command in Z axis (1 block)
After compensation
N1 G91 G00 G41 X500.0 Y500.0 D1 ;
N3 G01 Z-250.0 ;
N5 G01 Z-50.0 F100 ;
N6 Y1000.0 F200 ;
N3, N5 : Move command for the Z axis (2 blocks)
After compensation

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