Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 430 -
14.4.6 Interference Check
Tool overcutting is called interference. The interference check
function checks for tool overcutting in advance. However, not all
instances of interference can be checked by this function. The
interference check is performed even if overcutting does not occur.
- Conditions enabling interference checks
To perform interference check, it is necessary to read at least three
blocks that involve tool movement. If at least three blocks that involve
tool movement cannot be read because of blocks not involving tool
movement (such as independently specified auxiliary functions and
dwelling) being specified continuously, interference check becomes
impossible, resulting in either overcutting or insufficient cutting.
Assuming N and M to be the number of blocks that are read in offset
mode (determined by parameter No. 6009) and the number of blocks
(among the N blocks) that do not involve tool movement, respectively,
the condition enabling intersection check is (N-3) M. If the
maximum number of blocks that are read in offset mode is eight, for
example, intersection check is possible even when up to five blocks do
not involve tool movement. In this case, interference check is possible
for three adjacent blocks, but it is impossible to detect the interference
that may occur later.
- Interference check method
Two interference check methods are supported: Direction check and
arc angle check methods (described below). Parameter CNC (bit 1 of
parameter No. 6001) and parameter CNI (bit 6 of parameter No. 6001)
are used to specify whether to enable these methods.
CNI CNC Operation
0 0 Interference check is enabled. Both the direction and arc
angle check methods can be used.
0 1 Interference check is enabled. Only the arc angle check
method can be used.
1 __ Interference check is disabled.
It is impossible to specify the use of only the direction
check method.

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