Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 447 -
14.4.8 Vector Holding (G38)
Issuing G38 in the offset mode when the cutter compensation C
function is effective enables the offset vector at the end point for the
previous block to be held without calculating the intersection.
(In the offset mode)
G38 IP_ ;
IP : Specified value for axis movement
- Vector holding
By specifying the command above, a vector perpendicular to the block
immediately before G38 is output at the end point of that block. In the
G38 block, the perpendicular vector output in the previous block is held.
G38 is a one-shot G code. This means that a compensation vector is
re-created by the next move command that is not accompanied by G38.
- Mode
Specify G38 in G00 or G01 mode. If G38 is specified in G02 or G03
mode (circular interpolation mode), a radius error may result at the start
and end points.

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