Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 453 -
- Start up (Starting three-dimensional tool compensation)
When the following command is executed in the cutter
compensation cancel mode, the three-dimensional tool
compensation mode is set:
G41 Xp_Yp_Zp_ I_ J_ K_D_ ;
Xp : X-axis or a parallel axis
Yp : Y-axis or a parallel axis
Zp : Z-axis or a parallel axis
I :
J : See "Explanation".
K :
D : Code for specifying as the cutter compensation value(1-3
digits) (D code)
- Canceling three-dimensional tool compensation
When the following command is executed in the three-
dimensional tool compensation mode, the cutter
compensation cancel mode is set: B
- When canceling the three-dimensional tool
compensation mode and tool movement at the same
G40 Xp_Yp_Zp_ ;
Xp_Yp_Zp_ D00 ;
- When only canceling the vector
- Selecting offset space
The three-dimensional space where three-
dimensional tool compensation is to be executed is
determined by the axis addresses specified in the
startup block containing the G41 command. If Xp, Yp,
or Zp is omitted, the corresponding axis, X-, Y-, or Z-
axis (the basic three axis), is assumed.
(Example) When the U-axis is parallel to the X-axis,
the V-axis is parallel to the Y-axis, and the W-axis is
parallel to the Z-axis
G41 X_I_J_K_D_; X, Y, Z space
G41 U_V_Z_I_J_K_D_; U, V, Z space
G41 W_I_J_K_D_; X, Y, W space

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