Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 456 -
1 When bit 0 (ONI) of parameter No. 6029 is set to 1,
the functions using the I, J, and K commands listed
below must not be used in three-dimensional tool
compensation mode. Otherwise, a PS0282 alarm
is issued.
Exponential interpolation (I, J, and K commands of
Canned cycle shift amount (I and J commands of
G76 and G87)
Type 2 of tool center point control (I, J, and K
commands of G43.5)
Direction of rigid tapping orientation (I command of
2 When bit 0 (ONI) of parameter No. 6029 is 1, the I,
J, and K commands must be specified using a
decimal point. If these commands are specified
without the decimal point, the PS0283 alarm is
3 When bit 0 (ONI) of parameter No. 6029 is set to 1,
macro variables cannot be used for the I, J, and K
- G42
Generally, G41 is specified to start three-dimensional tool
compensation. Instead of G41, G42 can be specified for startup. With
G42, three-dimensional tool compensation is performed in the opposite
- Offset vector in interpolation
When circular interpolation, helical interpolation (both specified with
G02, G03), or involute interpolation (G02.2, G03.2) is specified, the
vector generated in the previous block is maintained.
- Return to a reference position (G28, G30, G30.1)
When return to the reference position (G28), to the second, third, or
fourth reference position (G30), or to the floating reference position
(G30.1) is specified, the vector is cleared at a middle point.
Vector generated in the block before an arc
Programmed path
Path after three-dimensional tool
Three-dimensional tool compensation vector
The same vector is

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