Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 473 -
- Scaling and coordinate system rotation
If a coordinate system rotation command is executed in the scaling
mode (G51 mode), the coordinate value (α, β) of the rotation center
will also be scaled, but not the rotation angle (R). When a move
command is issued, the scaling is applied first and then the coordinates
are rotated.
A coordinate system rotation command (G68) should not be issued in
cutter compensation mode (G41, G42) on scaling mode (G51). The
coordinate system rotation command should always be specified prior
to setting the cutter compensation mode.
Specify the commands in the following order
G51;scaling mode start
G68;coordinate system rotation mode start
G41;Cutter compensation mode start
G40;Cutter compensation mode cancel
G69;coordinate system rotation mode cancel
G50;scaling mode cancel
<Sample program>
G92 X0 Y0 ;
G51 X300.0 Y150.0 P500 ;
G68 X200.0 Y100.0 R45.0 ;
G01 X400.0 Y100.0 ;
Y100.0 ;
X-200.0 ;
Y-100.0 ;
X200.0 ;
When only coordinate system
rotation is applied
When scaling and coordinate
system rotation are applied
When only scaling is applied
Cutting program
200.0 400.0
Fig.14.10 (d) Scaling and coordinate system rotation in cutter
compensation C mode

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