Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 482 -
14.11.3 Relationships with Other Functions
Tool life management
When tool offset based on tool numbers is enabled (when bit 5 (NOT)
of parameter No. 0011 is set to 0), a D code and H code cannot be
registered as tool life management data.
Compensation enable commands (such as H99/D99), specified during
tool life management, cannot be used. If an attempt is made to use a
compensation enable command during tool life management, the
command is ignored.
If tool offset based on tool numbers and tool life management are used
at the same time, rather than a programmed T code (group number), the
actually selected tool number (T code) belonging to that group acts as a
tool number (T code) command for tool offset based on tool numbers.
Example F
Tool life management data
Tool offset data based on tool numbers
Program (the tool life management ignore number is 1000, and the M code for tool
change is 6.)
N1 T1005 ;
N2 M06 ;
(1) As T1005 is specified in N1, tool number 1 in tool life management group 05 is
selected. Then, in tool offsetting based on tool numbers, the pot number (100)
corresponding to T1 is output as a code signal to the machine
(2) As M06 is specified in N2, life count starts for the tool corresponding to tool number
1. In tool offset based on tool numbers, the compensation values (23.456, 1.234)
of T1 become valid.

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