Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 483 -
Automatic tool length measurement
With the automatic tool length measurement command (G37), the tool
length compensation value for the currently valid tool number is
Never specify the automatic tool length measurement command in a
block in which an M code for tool change is specified.
Custom macro system variable
With the system variables used for tool compensation values, tool
offset values cannot be read or updated based on tool numbers.
Tool length compensation along tool axis
Tool center point control
Also in these functions, the compensation amount selected by the tool
offset by tool number is used for compensation.
By setting bit 5 (NOT) of parameter No. 0011 to 1, however, you can
specify a desired value with an H code to perform compensation. In
this case, tool offset by tool number (compensation with the
compensation amount for tool pot number output and tool number) is
disabled. Set the parameter to the reset state.

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