Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 504 -
: Tool center path
Programmed tool path
Example(3)-1 Tool movement when
changing G41.2 to G42.2
(G41.2 mode)
G91 G01 X100.0
G42.2 X-100.0
Example(3)-2 Tool movement when the
G code is left unchanged
(G41.2 mode)
G91 G01 X100.0
Fig.14.14.1 (h) Operation in the compensation mode (3)
(4) Even when the tool movement changes linear to circular (helical),
circular (helical) to linear, or circular (helical) to circular (helical),
the start, end, and center points of a circular (helical) movement
are projected on the compensation plane that is perpendicular to
the tool axis, a compensation vector is calculated for the plane,
then the vector is added to the originally specified position to
obtain the command position. Then the tool is moved linearly or
circularly (helically) to the obtained command position. In this
case, the tool moves circularly (helically) in the currently selected
plane. The tool does not move circularly (helically) in the
compensation plane. Therefore, when the tool compensation is
for circular movement, the compensation plane must be the XY,
YZ, or ZX plane.

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