Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 529 -
1 The format of specified-direction tool length
compensation is the same as that for three-
dimensional tool compensation. When using
specified-direction tool length compensation, set bit 0
(DDT) of parameter No. 7711 to 1.
2 A three-dimensional space in which specified-
direction tool length compensation is to be performed
is determined by the axis addresses specified in G41.
If Xp, Yp, or Zp is not specified, specified-direction
tool length compensation is performed along the X-
axis, Y-axis, or Z-axis.
3 Specify I, J, and K in a G41 block at all times. If any
of I, J, or K is missing, ordinary tool length
compensation is performed.
4 Usually, specified-direction tool length compensation
is started by the G41 command. When the G42
command is specified, compensation is performed in
the direction opposite to that of G41.
- Canceling designation direction tool length compensation
G40 Xp_ Yp_ Zp_ B_ C_ ;
A compensation vector can be cancelled by
specifying G40; only. In this case, no movement is
made on a rotation axis.
- Operation in the specified-direction tool length compensation mode
(1) Movement is made on all five axes simultaneously to the position
cbzyx ,,,, ) calculated as shown below.

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