Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

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A preparatory function is specified using a numeric value following
address G. This determines the meanings of the commands specified in
the block. G codes are divided into the following two types:
Type Meaning
One-shot G code The G code is effective only in the block in which it is
G code
The G code is effective until another G code of the
same group is specified.
(Example) G01 and G00 are continuous-state G codes.
G01 X_ :
Z_ : G01 is effective in this range.
X_ :
G00 Z_ :
1. G codes marked are the initial G codes set when the power is
turned on or when the system is reset.
For G00 and G01, G17, G18, and G19, G43, G44, and G49, G94
and G95, and G90 and G91, the G code status can be selected by
setting bit 0 (G01), bit 1 (G90), bit 2 (G43), bit 3 (G44), bit 4
(G95), and bit 5 (G18) of parameter No. 2401.
For G20 and G21, the system enters the state immediately before
the power is turned off or the reset button is pressed.
2. G codes other than G10 and G11 are one-shot G codes.
3. When a G code not listed in the G code list is specified, or a G
code that has no corresponding option is specified, P/S alarm No.
010 is output.
4. Multiple G codes can be specified in the same block if each G code
belongs to a different group. If multiple G codes that belong to the
same group are specified in the same block, only the last G code
specified is valid.
5. If a G code belonging to group 01 is specified in a canned cycle, the
canned cycle is cancelled. This means that the same state set by
specifying G80 is set. Note that the G codes in group 01 are not
affected by a G code specifying a canned cycle.
6. G codes are indicated by group.
7. The group of G60 is switched according to the setting of the MDL
bit (bit 0 of parameter 7616). (When the MDL bit is set to 0, the 00
group is selected. When the MDL bit is set to 1, the 01 group is

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