Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 548 -
- Grinding wheel wear compensation (start of grinding wheel wear compensation)
Up to three compensation center positions can be set. Set the
coordinates (in the workpiece coordinate system) of these
compensation center positions in parameter Nos. 6050 to 6055.
With the Pn (n = 1, 2, or 3) command, select the number of a
compensation center position.
P1 : Selects the first compensation center.
P2 : Selects the second compensation center.
P3 : Selects the third compensation center.
When G41P_ (selection of a compensation center position) and a D
code with a non-zero value are specified, a compensation vector is
created, and movement takes place even if there is no move command
specified in the block.
The D code may be specified in a block before or after G41P_.
1 Specify the P_ command and G41 command at the
same time. If they are not specified at the same time,
or if a value other than 1 to 3 is specified in the P_
command, alarm PS618 is issued.
2 When the selected compensation center position
and absolute coordinate match on an axis, the
compensation vector component on that axis
becomes 0.
- Canceling the compensation vector
Specifying D0 cancels the compensation vector.
When D0 is specified in a block, a movement due to the cancellation
takes place even if the block contains no move command.
Then, when a D code with a non-zero value is specified again, a
compensation vector is created, and movement takes place.
- Maintaining the compensation vector
When a D code with a non-zero value has been specified, specifying
G40 sets the mode that maintains the created compensation vector.
When compensation vector maintenance mode has been entered, the
command end position is shifted by the amount of the maintained
To create a new compensation vector again, specify the grinding wheel
wear compensation start command (G41 P_ D_). To cancel the
maintained vector, specify D0. Specifying D0 cancels grinding wheel
wear compensation, therefore, thus canceling the maintained vector. In
this case, movement due to the cancellation occurs.
G41 P1 ;
D2 ;
Selects the first compensation center.
Creates a compensation vector and performs movement.

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