Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 549 -
- Canceling grinding wheel wear compensation
When G40 and D0 are specified at the same time, the compensation
vector is canceled, movement due to the cancellation occurs, and then
grinding wheel wear compensation is canceled.
When D0 has been canceled, specifying G40 cancels grinding wheel
wear compensation without causing movement due to the
compensation vector cancellation. This is because the compensation
vector has already been canceled by the D0 command.
E Grinding wheel wear compensation status
G code D code Mode and its meaning
Other than 0
Grinding wheel wear compensation mode
(A compensation vector is created.)
Compensation vector cancel mode
(No compensation vector is created.)
Other than 0
Compensation vector maintenance mode
(A compensation vector is maintained.)
Grinding wheel wear compensation cancel mode
(Grinding wheel wear compensation is canceled.)
- Compensation plane
In grinding wheel wear compensation mode or compensation vector
maintenance mode, a compensation vector is always created for the
axes on the compensation plane determined by parameter Nos. 6056
and 6057.
If an axis on the compensation plane is changed in this mode, alarm
PS619 is issued in a block for obtaining the movement end position.

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