Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 562 -
1. Set bit 0 (CIP) of bit type parameter No.1000
G10L52 ; Parameter entry mode
N1000 R00000001 ; SBP setting
G11 ; cancel parameter entry mode
2. Change the values for the Z-axis (3rd axis) and A-axis (4th axis)
in axis type parameter No. 5222(the coordinates of stored stroke
limit 2 in the positive direction for each axis).
G10L52 ; Parameter entry mode
N5222 P3 R45.0 ; Modify Z axis
N5222 P4 R12.0 ; Modify A axis
G11 ; cancel parameter entry mode
Cautions (Compatibility with Series 15-B)
1 Before changing the pitch error compensation data or
backlash compensation data, disable pitch error
compensation or backlash compensation (return to
the machine zero point). If the data is changed while
compensation is enabled, the machine position will
2 If changing of the grid shift is specified, the machine
moves by the difference between the new grid shift
1 Other NC statements cannot be specified while in
parameter input mode.
2 In the parameter input mode, a fixed-point number
cannot be specified in address R
1 Some parameters for the Series 15i are not
compatible with the Series 15-B. Before specifying
parameters to use this function, be sure to refer to
the description on the parameters for the Series 15i.
2 G10L50 (format for the Series 15-B) can be used for
those parameters that are fully compatible with the
Series 15-B.

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