Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 575 -
If a move command is specified after G31 P99 (or G31 P98) when the
servo motor torque limit(*1) is overridden, the same cutting feed as that
achieved by linear interpolation (G01) is possible. If the servo motor
torque reaches the torque limit (overridden servo motor torque limit)
due to pressing, or if a skip signal (or high-speed skip signal) is entered
during movement according to this move command, the remaining part
of the move command is cancelled, and the next block is executed. (An
operation that cancels the remaining part of the move command, and
which executes the next block is referred to as a skip operation.) The
following specification methods enable the servo motor torque limit to
be overridden :
(1) Specify a torque limit override command in the PMC
(2) Specify address Q in a block in which G31 P99 (or G31 P98)
is specified.
*1 : The servo motor torque limit corresponding to the setting of a
motor type is automatically set.
G31 P98 Q_ α_ F_
G31 P99 Q_ α _ F_
G31 : Skip command (one-shot G code)
P98 : A skip operation is performed when the servo
motor torque reaches the torque limit.
P99 : A skip operation is performed when the torque of
the servo motor reaches the torque limit or if a skip
signal is entered.
Q : Torque limit override value
Specifiable range : 1 to 99 (%)
The Q command can be omitted. When omitting
the Q command, however, specify a torque limit in
the PMC window beforehand. When the Q
command is omitted, a PS alarm (PS0151) is
issued if a torque limit override is not set
If a value that is not within the specifiable range is
specified, a PS alarm (PS0150) is output.
A specified override value is valid only in the block
in which the override value is specified. At the end
of the skip operation, the override value returns to
the value being used immediately before G31 was
α : Axis address of an arbitrary axis
F : Feedrate

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