Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 600 -
- Clocks #3001, #3002 (Attribute : R/W)
By reading the system variables for clocks #3001 and #3002, the times
of the clocks can be checked. The time of a clock can be preset by
assigning a desired value to the system variable.
Type Variable
Units Upon power-up Count condition
Clock 1 #3001 [#_CLOCK1] 1msec Reset to 0 At all times
Clock 2 #3002 [#_CLOCK2] Hours Same as power-off When the STL
signal is turned on
The clock precision is 16 msec. Clock 1 returns to 0 once 2147483648
msec have elapsed. Clock 2 returns to 0 once 9544.37176 hours have
[Example] Timer
Macro call command
G65 P9101 T (wait time) msec;
A macro is to be generated as follows :
O9101 ;
#3001 = 0 : Initialization
WHILE [#3001 LE #20] DO1 : Waits a specified period of
END1 ;
M99 ;
- Control upon single block stop and waiting for the auxiliary function completion
signal #3003 (Attribute : R/W))
By assigning a value indicated in the table below to system variable
#3003, single block stop can be disabled in the subsequent blocks, or
the next block can be executed without waiting for the completion
signal (FIN) of an auxiliary function (M, S, T, or B). When the
completion signal is not awaited, the distribution completion signal
(DEN) is not output. Be careful not to specify an additional auxiliary
function without first waiting for the completion signal.
Variable number
or variable name
Value Single block stop
Completion of an
auxiliary function
0 Enabled To be awaited
1 Disabled To be awaited
2 Enabled Not to be awaited
3 Disabled Not to be awaited
By using the variable names listed below, single block stop and waiting
for the auxiliary function completion signal can be controlled

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