Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 601 -
Variable number
or variable name
Value Single block stop Completion of an
auxiliary function
0 Enabled _[#_M_SBK]
1 Disabled _
0 _ To be awaited[#_M_FIN]
1 _ Not to be awaited
[Example] Drilling cycle (incremental programming)
(Equivalent to G81)
Macro call command
G65 P9081 L number-of-repeats R point-R Z point-Z;
A custom macro body is generated as follows :
O9081 ;
#3003 = 1 ;
G00 Z#18 ;
G01 Z#23 ; .
G00 Z-[ ROUND[#18] + ROUND[#26] ] ;
#3003 = 0 :
M99 ;
- Disabling feed hold, feedrate override, and exact stop check #3004 (Attribute:R/W)
By assigning any of the values listed in the table below to system
variable #3004, feed hold or feedrate override can be disabled in a
subsequent block. An exact stop in G61 mode or by G09 can also be
Variable name
Value Feed hold
override Exact stop
0 Enabled Enabled Enabled
1 Disabled Enabled Enabled
2 Enabled Disabled Enabled
3 Disabled Disabled Enabled
4 Enabled Enabled Disabled
5 Disabled Enabled Disabled
6 Enabled Disabled Disabled
7 Disabled Disabled Disabled
#3003 is cleared upon a reset.
Single block stop is disabled.
#18 corresponds to R, and #26
corresponds to Z.

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