Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 602 -
By using the following variable names, feed hold, feedrate override,
and exact stop in G61 mode or by G09 can be individually enabled or
Variable name
Value Feed hold Feedrate
Exact stop
0 Enabled _ _[#_M_FHD]
1 Disabled _ _
0 _ Enabled _[#_M_OV]
1 _ Disabled _
0 _ _ Enabled[#_M_EST]
1 _ _ Disabled
1 This system variable is provided to ensure
compatibility with conventional NC programs. It is
recommended that functions based on G codes such
as G63, G09, and G61 be used to control the feed
hold, feedrate override, and exact stop check
2 If the feed hold button is pressed while a block
disabling the feed hold function is being executed,
the following results :
1) If the feed hold button is held down, single block
stop occurs. No single block stop occurs, however,
if the single block stop function is disabled.
2) If the feed hold button is released after being
pressed, the feed hold lamp is turned on. However,
the tool does not stop immediately, but stops at the
end point of the next block that enables the feed
hold function.
3 #3004 is cleared upon a reset.
4 Variable #3004, set to disable an exact stop, does not
affect the original position of exact stop between
cutting feed and positioning block. Variable #3004
can only temporarily disable an exact stop in G61
mode or by G09 between two cutting feed sessions.
- Stop with message #3006 (Attribute : W)
By specifying #3006 = 1 (MESSAGE) in a macro, operation can be
stopped after executing up to the immediately preceding block. A
message not longer than 26 characters enclosed in a control-out code
and control-in code is displayed on the external operator message
screen if the message is programmed in the same block.
Value number Value name Description
#3006 [#_MSGSTP] Stop with a message

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