Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 620 -
#2=2.0000000000000000 but instead be equal to a slightly
smaller value, such as
To prevent this from occurring, change the N30 line as follows :
N30 #3=FIX[#2+0.001];
In general,
FIX[expression] must be changed to FIX[expression ]
(where ˆmust be + ˆif the value of the expression is positive, or - ˆif
it is negative. It must be 0.1, 0.01, 0.001, and so on, depending on the
- Brackets
Brackets ([, ]) are used to enclose an expression. Note that parentheses
are used for comments.
- Divisor
If the denominator is equal to "0" in division, alarm PS0112 is issued.

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