Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 43 -
- During canned cycle for drilling(G81to G89, G73, G74, G76), no
single direction positioning is effected in drilling axis.
- No single direction positioning is effected in an axis for which no
overrun has been set by the parameter.
- When the move distance 0 is commanded, the single direction
positioning is not performed.
- The direction set to the parameter is not effected by mirror image.
- The single direction positioning does not apply to the shift motion
in the canned cycles of G76 and G87.
- The single Direction Positioning is always non linear interpolation
type positioning.
- The parameter FPI (No. 1000#3) can be used to determine whether
the in-position check is to be done or not at the temporary stop point
When one-shot G60 commands When modal G60 command
are used. is used.
G90; G90 G60; Single direction
G60 X0 Y0; X0 Y0; positioning mode start
G60 X100; Single direction X100; Single direction
G60 Y100; positioning Y100; positioning
G04 X10; G04 X10;
G00 X0 Y0; G00 X0 Y0; Single direction
positioning mode

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