Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 646 -
17.6.10 Subprogram Call Using an M Code (Specification of Multiple G
By setting the first M code to be used for a subprogram call, the number
of the first program to be called, and the number of code and call
combinations, subprogram calls can be defined with multiple M codes.
Using n G codes with the decimal point that start with that set for
parameter No. 7096, n custom macros with the program numbers that
start with that set for parameter No. 7097 can be called, n being the
number set for parameter No. 7098. To disable the calls, set 0 for
parameter No. 7098.
If No.7096=80000000, No.7097=30000000, and
M80000000 O30000000
M80000001 O30000001
M80000002 O30000002
M80000099 O30000099
the above 100 combinations of M codes and subprogram
calls are defined.
1 In the following cases, all calls defined with these
settings are nullified:
1)If a value outside the valid data range is set for a
2)If (No.7097+No.7098-1)>99999999
2 If a M code specified as described in this section is
also specified for parameter No. 7071 to 7079, the
call with parameter No. 7071 to 7079 will take

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