Fanuc Series 15i/150i-MA (Programming) Operators Manual

- 663 -
- Required setting
Specify the specification number use for I/O device specification
number . According to the specification of this data, set data items
(such as the baud rate) for the reader/punch interface.
Never specify the output device FANUC Cassette or Floppy for
punching. When specifying a DPRNT command to output data,
specify whether leading zeros are output as spaces (by setting PRT (bit
7 of parameter 7000) to 1 or 0).
1 It is not necessary to always specify the open
command (POPEN), data output command (BPRNT,
DPRNT), and close command (PCLOS) together.
Once an open command is specified at the beginning
of a program, it does not need to be specified again
except after a close command was specified.
2 Be sure to specify open commands and close
commands in pairs. Specify the close command at
the end of the program. However, do not specify a
close command if no open command has been
3 When a reset operation is performed while
commands are being output by a data output
command, output is stopped and subsequent data is
erased. Therefore, when a reset operation is
performed by a code such as M30 at the end of a
program that performs data output, specify a close
command at the end of the program so that
processing such as M30 is not performed until all
data is output.

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